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  • How Survivor Pools are Played

    The object of this pool is to pick a team that you believe will win or lose a game each week, depending on your league configuration (not using a point-spread). Picks must be made every week and you must make a winning selection to advance to the next week. When only one player is left to advance, that person is crowned the winner. We are currently offering Survivor Pools on NFL games only.
  • The Price is Right!

    Whether you call them Last Man Standing Pools, Suicide Pools, King of the Hill Pools, Elimination Pools, or Survivor Pools, they are always hosted FREE of charge at Maximum Fantasy Sports, no matter how many players participate or how the pool is configured.
  • Robust Configuration Options

    You can choose to pick a winning team or a losing team each week. You can choose how many Rebirths and Re-picks of the same team you wish to allow for the season as the configuration does allow the Commissioner to determine if the pool should have these options. If using Rebirths, the Commissioner can determine the Rebirth cutoff week. We’ll let you pick your weekly submission deadline though games starting before the deadline will lock when play begins. You can allow a maximum of one team in your pool for each MFS member joining or multiple teams. You can even choose to extend the season into the NFL playoffs if more than one team is still alive at the end of the regular season or you can even start a new pool during the course of the NFL season or even for the NFL playoffs that just runs the weeks of the playoffs.
  • What MFS Will Do For You

    You can register your free NFL Survivor Pools and we will do the scoring for you. We'll track the pool finances, but you’ll have to collect and distribute the cash, though we do provide a PayPal service from the Finances page (link from the League Home Page). We'll assign a default pick for teams at the lock deadline that have not made their weekly selection, if your league allows Autopicks, based on the team’s default preference. We'll email remainders to make a pick if you haven’t yet, we will email you a record of your pick after you have saved it and we will email a list of all picks made in the pool for the week after the Lock Deadline has passed. We do all of this for the low price of $0!

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The owners of Maximum Fantasy Sports have been rabid fantasy sports participants since childhood. They have created and played in many types of fantasy leagues and Survivor Pools on paper since their youth and have taken the best features from those leagues and pools and incorporated them when building MFS. Many of these features have since been copied by other sites or have never been attempted by other sites. Review our Features and Rules links to see the vast landscape of Survivor Pool configuration options at your disposal when having your leagues and pools hosted by MFS. Expect MFS to continue to lead industry-wide innovation for years to come.

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